TROPEC tent set up, Ban Chan Krem.
TROPEC tent setup, Ban Chan Krem. (2/2013)
Power distribution unit typical for connecting generator power to loads at contingency bases. Cobra Gold, Thailand. 2013
Typical modular shower system tent with change tent. Water purification, pumping and transport is a significant use of energy. Cobra Gold, Thailand. 2013


What is the scope of the innovations TROPEC is looking for?

* Materiel or non-materiel solutions across the DOTMILP-F spectrum to help reduce energy consumption at expeditionary camps in the PACOM Asia-Pacific region.

We are looking for
  *  Energy efficiency solutions.
  *  Innovations that are NOT primarily water efficiency measures. Water use reduction is acceptable only as an ancillary benefit to efficiency improvements.
  *  Applicability for military forward operation bases in tropical climates.
  *  Solutions with a Technology Readiness Level of 5 or greater.

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What if my innovations is outside the TROPEC scope?

After our initial review of your submission, you will be informed if your innovation is outside the scope of TROPEC. In some cases, we may be able to refer your organization’s solution to other programs that would be a better fit.

Who will be evaluating my technology?

Your application will be reviewed by a panel consisting of Department of Energy laboratory researchers from either Oak Ridge National Laboratory or Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and operational experts from the DOD.

How and by whom will technology data collected by TROPEC be used?

The data collected by the TROPEC program, from application through various stages of review and assessment, will be used by members of the TROPEC team to provide the applicant with feedback on improving their energy-saving materiel or non-materiel solution from a technical and operational perspective. TROPEC reports are circulated among US government offices, and summary reports that do not mention specific applicants will be disseminated publically. The Systems Experimentation Division writes assessment reports at the close of each field assessment which may be distributed to various US government offices and entities. Laboratory partners will also author assessment reports that may be shared with US government offices. Pictures that may include your innovation, taken at lab and/or field assessments, may be added to reports, websites, and other outreach materials. The information may also be shared with other Department of Energy and DOD partners to support additional R&D and/or to inform program and purchasing decisions. In some cases the solution set may be applicable to private industry as well, and in those cases TROPEC will work with the applicant to facilitate introduction of the solution to an appropriate industry partner.

Where can I find summaries of assessments conducted by TROPEC?

Who owns the data collected through the TROPEC program?

The data collected through the TROPEC program is owned by TROPEC. If the particular data is related to a sponsored project, the fee payer also owns the data collected.