Research assistance prepares fluorescent torchiere.
Research assistant prepares fluorescent torchiere for testing in the LBNL Lighting Lab's distribution photometer. This instrument measures the candlepower distribution from a light source or luminaire. (Date Unknown)
Compressor calorimeters at ORNL allow characterization of HVAC compressor use across a wide range of climate conditions.  ORNL.
Compressor calorimeters at ORNL allow characterization of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioner compressor use across a wide range of climate conditions. (7/2013)
Containerized laundry unit with water heating unit and gray water tank.  Crow Valley, Balikatan.
Containerized laundry unit with water heating unit and gray water tank. Crow Valley, Balikatan.(4/2013)

I-Net Application


TROPEC established the I-Net to provide a gateway for companies, universities and other innovators to share information about energy reduction innovations. Applications received through I-Net will be reviewed for impact and readiness by undergoing initial utility assessment in tropical, expeditionary environments within the PACOM Area of Operations. Innovators who have energy reduction solutions are encouraged to create an account and fill out an application for each separate energy reduction innovation they would like to have assessed through TROPEC using the I-Net Application.

If you have a technology or approach that can reduce energy use at expeditionary military outposts — especially those located in tropical environments — you are encouraged to use I-Net to submit an application for assessment. Please click through for more information on the scope of energy solutions being sought by TROPEC, the review criteria, and the overall review process within TROPEC.


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and are reviewed twice annually. Please note that if you have begun an application, it must be fully completed and submitted within two months or it will be archived. Applicants are encouraged to submit a separate application for each technology or approach to be assessed.

Submission Instructions:

  1. If you do not already have one, create an I-Net user account using the ‘sign up’ button at the top of the Submission Form Welcome page. If you already have an account, you can sign in using your account credentials.

  2. Once you complete the sign up process, you will receive an email to confirm your registration. Check your spam box, and add emails from TROPEC to your safe sender list so that you can continue to receive messages.

  3. You may submit multiple applications under one user account. Open a separate application for each energy solution you would like to submit to TROPEC. Upload all application materials onto the site as per the instructions. You must answer each question or your application will not be considered! If you do not have sufficient information to answer a question, please explain the limitations your organization has had in obtaining that information and what you are doing, if anything, to obtain the requested information. Applicant solutions should also be a Technology Readiness Level of 5 or greater.

For questions or for guidance on solutions having to do with shelters; heating, ventilation, and air-condition; power generation; power management; and similar solutions, please contact

For questions, or for guidance on solutions for expeditionary data and communications centers, lighting, and similar solutions, please contact

If you have any technical questions about how to use the site, please contact The software application providers can help address your question.

Feedback and findings from TROPEC are intended to help applicants improve their technology and/or energy reduction approaches, and to help facilitate moving technologies into PACOM and DOD procurement processes. Feedback or assessment from TROPEC does not indicate support or sponsorship from PACOM or DOD and is not to be used for marketing purposes. By applying to TROPEC, you understand and agree that you, your colleagues, and/or your innovation may be photographed as part of our assessment process, and those images may be included in reports, outreach material, and other media.

NOTE: Any feedback received about your application is the opinion of the review team and does not constitute an official request or recommendation.